About us

Northern Solutions AS is a Norwegian company, which is based on the group of experienced and committed engineers and project managers.

For more than 20 years we have been designing and supporting the products for the merchant fleet, hydrographic market as well as for the fishery. Those products (single/dual channel and multi beam echosounders, acoustic and electromagnetic speedlogs, different kind of operator and interfacing units) have a very good reputation on the navigation market worldwide.

Our main scope of interest is the hydroacoustic and electromagnetic instruments, including the sensors, processing units and man-machine interface for the marine equipment.

Our experience is built not only based on the design “in front of the drawing board”, but also on many weeks onboard different kind of vessels, ranging from a small size fishing boats up to super tankers and container ships. This allowed us listening to the opinion about the products from the very important group of customers: end-users.

Our philosophy is very simple – we would like to supply the reliable products and services at the competitive price. We always try hard to provide the customers with slightly more, than they expected.